Friday, 14 September 2012

And welcome..

I am a vegan junk-food/sugar/caffeine addict and today was my first sugar free day in 20 years!

I want to improve my health, both mentally and physically, and become fitter - less like the couch potato that I currently am!

A basic auto-biography of my life can be explain like so...

I am 20 years old, vegan for the past year, vegetarian since 15 years old. I come from a family of 4, Mother, Father and my younger sister, 18 years old, who is slowly but surely on her way to joining me on team vegan. I was active in athletics, netball and basketball until I was 17, at that point I became too cool for physical activity - however my weight and body have pretty much stayed the same since then.
However now, I couldn't not sprint 100m to save my life, where as before I was playing hour long games of netball or basketball without being overly tired.
As for the sugar, caffeine and junk-food addiction.. that came on mostly during my final years of high school, where a morning coffee and afternoon coca cola was an everyday habit and I had to have sugar to make it through the day!

Wish me luck!

Elo x

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