Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Day In My Life: Tuesday

Disclaimer: Read at own rick - this post in incredibly boring!

Woke up at 9.00am to Evie licking my feet (of a night time she snuggles with us in our bed until sleep time, then takes herself to her crate,which is beside our bed, and sleeps with the door ajar until she wakes up and joins us for morning cuddles at around 6am.) I get up, make breakfast, make Evie's breakfast, sit at my laptop and eat whilst checking the usual social networking sites and avoiding Evie trying to grab some of my banana (one of her favourite fruits). Finish breakfast and slowly get ready for university.

At around 10.45am, after getting ready, I water my seedlings, tend to my compost and leave for university at 11.05am, catch the tram to the nearest station, then I catch a train to the North Melbourne station...

When I get to North Melbourne, I wait 15 minutes... it was a long 15 minutes. Then I catch another train for 40 minutes to the station near my university.

I spend the train ride reading, and when I arrive at 12.20pm I walk 15 minutes to campus. I make it on time to my class, we listen to a lecture on Animal Behaviours for the majority of the class and spend the last hour watching a David Attenborough documentary on Carnivores.

I make my way back to the train station, spend the 40 minute journey talking to a friend before I get off at North Melbourne Train Station and miss the next train home. So I catch the bus to my closest tram stop and catch my tram home. Only took an extra 15 minutes. Arrived home in time to help Isaac fold washing, do dishes and take Evie on a walk to the dog park before my Mother arrived for dinner - I hadn't seen her in a month!

We try to go to an Indian place on Sydney Rd (Malabar Hut), but of course they were shut - so we went to Thai on Street in Brunswick East - which was amazing, we got the last item on the vegetarian menu - which was amazingly delicious - but alas no photos.
Evie spills my left over Thai all over the white and freshly washed kitchen tiles, me and her self. I wash the tiles - too angry to take a photo and head for the shower and holding her under the water, against my chest. I play on the internet for a while and we snuggle and watch a movie until bed time.

I didn't realise the majority of my day was spent commuting! Gah!

What annoying but hilarious things have your pets done?

Elo x

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