Monday, 8 October 2012

I am back from two weeks of volunteer work, phew! I spent 7 hours a day for 5 days at The Royal Melbourne Show, in the Animal Nursery, answering questions from the public and playing with my favourite farm animals - I was even faced with the question, whilst holding a brown calf, "that's a deer, right?"... Young adults apparently know what it taste like, but not what it looks like before it is on their plates! The last week of my volunteering spree was spent at the wonder Pet's Haven Animal Shelter, in Woodend, Victoria! There are so many lovely ladies who volunteer there (and the odd man or two) and most importantly, it is where I got my baby Evie from! Now that I am back home, I enjoyed the amazing birthday party of one of my most loveliest friends Lidia, who also has a blog Salad Days.
The birthday party was a vegan potluck, and oh my there was so much food! Including the amazing birthday cake by Toucan Cakes (who happens to live a block behind me!).

And of course, being me, I had 5 plates of food.... I wish I was kidding, it was all just so amazing!
Isaac's parents made vegan pies, Lidia made too much, Lachie made cupcakes, Isaac and I made my Roasted Root Vegetables, Lentils & Quinoa Warm Salad. As well as completely stuffing myself on the night, Isaac and I headed over for brunch the next morning, and for a post-pot-luck stroll with the pups, and of course Lidia sent us home with left overs! We didn't have to cook for what seemed like a week (actually 2 days), until we got to our coriander, parsley and other-green-things marinated tofu.. which brings me to my next post...

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